Coupon Giveaway at Lou Shrugged !

Lou Shrugged is holding a coupon giveaway!

The winner will receive a wide assortment of coupons for Food & grocery, Baby, Health & beauty, Dog & cat, Home & kitchen.

How to Enter ?
You just need to leave a comment on his contest page and you get a chance to win an envelope packed with coupons.

Deadline ?
Contest closes on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 11 PM EST. The winner will be randomly picked on Thursday, so make sure you comment before then.


Christmas Giveaway with BAYB and NeverBlueAds

The guys over at BAYB are having a contest teaming up with their sponsor NeverBlueAds.

How to Enter ?
Mention the contest in a blog post, along with their sponsor NeverBlueAds. This will get you one entry.

How to get a Bonus Entry ?
To get a bonus entry in the contest, you can use your affiliate link when you mention NeverBlueAds in your post. So you need to signup for NeverBlueAds and post your referral link. ( The approval could take a couple of days). By posting your affiliate link the guys at BAYB will know that you’ve joined NBA and credit you with one extra entry.

Deadline ?
Monday Dec 17th at Midnight PST, so make your blog posts by then to be eligible for entry.

Prizes ?
First-Third Place 100$ Winners from NeverBlueAds
Place Website Review on this blog by Adsense Tracker
Fifth Place
25$ from Blogging4Everyone
Sixth Place
Website Review from Nspeaks
Seventh Place
Website Review from SelectIndex
Eighth Place
Featured Blog Spot on A Links Blog.

P.S : I've signed up for Never Blue Ads, and i'll be posting my referral link once i get approved. I'm hoping i'll get the approval before this contest ends, that way i'll have a even better chance of winning.


Win $ 10 and a Back Link from Prince John

Would you like to win $ 10 to your Paypal account? Drop Prince John a link while you blog.

How to Enter ?
All you have to do is link to any post in Prince Johns blog. He will link back to all you contesters, and a lucky blogger gets $ 10 in his/her Paypal account on December 18.

You don’t have to write an exclusive post about this contest. Just link to any post in his blog, while you are talking about something related to the topic in that post.

Deadline ?
December 17th is the last date for entries, so make your posts before then to participate.

Some good posts from his blog

Top 7 paid review writing mistakes you can avoid
Why on earth do girls blog
Top 7 tips to comment like a pro-spammer
Support one blog; make your blog stand tall
Just 12 tips to promote your blog
Blog about other bloggers and be prepared for an avalanche of traffic
Blog Rolls for blog popularity and Traffic
What is wrong with writing for Digg?
How to subscribe with RSS/Feed Readers
What makes a blog successful? It builds a community


Win $25 Cash From The IBD Health Blog

Our blogger friends at IBD Health Blog are having a contest to giveaway $25 to one lucky blogger.

How To Enter ?
Just make a post on your blog like this one with the details of their contest. Include a link to their contest post , that way your readers can also enter their contest. Also, link to their homepage, with a relevant anchor text. Be sure to include both links else your entry could be rejected.

If your blog sends trackbacks, you’ll automatically be entered in their contest. To be safe, additionally just comment on the contest post to confirm your participation.

IDB Health Blog Home

Deadline ?
Contests ends on 31 Dec, make sure you send in your entries by then. The winners will be selected on Jan 1 2008.

So here is a chance for you to win some cash on the new year.


First Post

Hi all,

I've always wanted to start a contest indexer blog, though there are a lot of contest blogs on the blogosphere. I'll try my best to maintain a quality of content. I'll will only be referring contests with simple entries and nice returns. I'll try and keep this blog updated everyday, hope i'll be successful with this new blog with all your support.

You could subscribe to the RSS feed for regular updates.